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Top ten screen flasher Neve Campbell

NAUGHTY Neve Campbell’s new topless movie scenes have landed her a place in our raunchy repeat offenders club, the U.K. Sun is reporting April 26th.

Saucy shots in flick I Really Hate My Job make her one of Hollywood’s regular screen strippers.

They’re a batch of stars so comfortable with their bodies they’re always dropping their tops.


Neve has certainly moved up Sun Online’s lusty league table with her latest shots and secured herself a spot in our Top 10 screen flashers.

Her previous best was the famous threesome she enjoyed in the movie Wild Things.

Here, we look at the the top – and bottoms – of our movie nudes list.

And our panel of judges give each babe a rating between one and five racks, depending on just how often they show off their Golden Globes.

As first up, we award Neve Campbell….


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