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Moscow Hyatt Won’t Leave

the Lights on For Paris

April 22nd



There’s one thing for certain,

the Hyatt in Moscow won’t be leaving the lights on for Paris Hilton.

However, don’t fret Paris,

Motel 6 will!

Paris Hilton won’t be having any sleepovers at the Hyatt anytime soon.

Hilton was staying in the presidential suite at the Hyatt in the capital of Moscow while doing a photo shoot.

 Sources reported that the 27 year old “Queen Baby,” Decided to leave her mark so she wrote

“Paris Moscow 2008″

on the wall with a black marker.

The Hotel management fined her to the tune of $4500.00 and told her that she could never come back.

The wallpaper in the suite was ruined therefore she was immediately placed on the hotel’s black list.

OMG, imagine how they would of handled the Amy Winehouse hotel demolition incident.

Good thing that wasn’t at the Hyatt!

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    Photo and story by BLONDIE!

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  2. BLONDIE has a fantastic site, Ted!
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