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Miley Cyrus naughty hot photos not on 22moon.com!

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I refuse to exploit
Miley Cyrus
naughty photos
in exchange
 for web site hits!
I admire, respect and
like Miley,
and I will not exploit her, go elsewhere for those photos,
ya perverts!!!
I only exploit people
18 or older!  
Plus, I like Miley!


Showing your class
is better than showing your…uh…
you know!


5 Responses to “Miley Cyrus naughty hot photos not on 22moon.com!”

  1. You Rock! Thank you for not being part of this! Miley is a sweet girl and as her song goes “everybody makes mistakes”. I believe exploiting her for ANY of this would only PUSH her into falling into the crud that Stardom can bring! Thanks for respecting her…we do!!!

  2. Thank you for the kind words Toni Mommyof4!
    Young people today have so very few positive role models,
    it is a shame adults who have websites would exploit Miley or anyone else under 18 for website “hits” !
    I never had children out of fear they would be exploited or used for sex in some way and I’m 50 now and may never know the joy of having a child, but that was my choice.
    I so feared my child would be sexually exploited THE WAY I WAS SEXUALLY EXPLOITED AT AGE 15 by a married male neighbor in his 40’s whom I made the mistake of mowing yards for at Mily’s age.
    Without going into painful details, suffice to say he used cold beer and hard core porno to draw me into his disgusting fantasies and I never ever told and until today.
    I’ve never written about it in a public way but I bring it up now to warn both kids and parents.
    I drank daily until the age of 28, I could never sustain a relationshop for long, and there were so many nightmares.
    I have been off alcohol 100 percent for over 22 years now.
    I married a wonderful woman three years ago on April 22nd who works professionally with troubled children who understood what happened to me or I would still be going from woman to woman.
    This is a bit embarrassing to share with the world, but if it helps save one child from being used as a sex object the way I was by an adult, it is worth it to me.
    I would never have mentioned this if not for your kind comments giving me the will to open up about this.
    But as long as the victims keep the secrets of the SICK PERVERTS WHO EXPLOIT CHILDREN AND TEENS THIS TYPE OF THING WILL CONTINUE.
    My shame and guilt kept me quiet for over 30 years and that man later divorced his wife and moved to Mexico and died peacefully,
    never having paid for his crimes. (In this world anyway.)
    Your kind post gave me the courage to share this with my readers.
    Thank you for reading 22Moon and THANK YOU for being a caring loving parent.
    Rash Manly
    (My real name is James)

  3. When i first began my website, I met so many people. Friends come and they go. My friendship with Rashmanly which began shortly after my site began and he has remained one of my dearest friends. After reading the the story I wanted to see the feedback he had gotten on the social networks he submits to. Wow! The harshness of the comments made it hard for me to read all of them. Then I read the previous comment and I was truly touched. The positive feedback from the comment out weighed all the negative comments from those who identify them selves as anonymous, who feel so strongly about something but are unable to identify themselves and I guess really, their names aren’t worth knowing. Then you have Rash, who in response to the first comment was willing to lay it all out on the table and explain not only why he chose not to exploit Miley Cyrus but the events in his life which lead up to his decision. People can write what they choose, we can’t stop them nor would I waste time and energy trying. It is sad to think about all the kids being exploited on the internet every day. I commend you rash your integerity and character have triple in my book and to the kindhearted person who submitted the first comment I would like to say, thank you! It is nice to know that their are a few good people out there.

  4. 4th pic looks sooo hot LOL she is a slut but she is hot LOL

  5. fpLSdg comment3 ,

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