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Lindsay Lohan Fully Loaded sequel

Another famous Rash

(recovering alcoholic 22 years sober) Manly

NOW this is the LINDSAY LOHAN we all remember, the U.K. Sun is reporting April 21st.

The wild child actress who vowed to stay off the booze is back on it, according to sources in the US.

And she reportedly fell off the wagon in spectacular style – after collapsing in an alcohol-fuelled stupor at a New York nightclub.

Lindsay partied with her pal SAMANTHA RONSON at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone into the wee hours on Saturday night, knocking back rehab-unfriendly cocktails of Grey Goose and Red Bull.

Following a torrid 2007 of three rehab stints, several drink-driving arrests and numerous reports of drug and alcohol abuse, you’d think Lindsay would have the good sense to at least succumb to the lure of toxins in private.

But the hellraising actress chose a packed Manhattan hotspot to drink herself so senseless she lost her balance and collapsed to the floor, according to People magazine.

She was then bundled into a taxi at 4.15am barely conscious.

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