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Foxy Brown likes a cell phone with a good range

(Another famous Rash Manly we know Rash!)
Rapper Foxy Brown is out of jail, the AP is reporting April 20th.
Family and fans greeted Brown Friday outside Rikers Island as she was released from the jail after serving an eight-month sentence.
“The first place I want to go is church. I’ve got to get on my knees,”
said Brown.

Instead, Brown went shopping in Harlem, had some soul food and was driven to her childhood home in Brooklyn in a white Rolls Royce Phantom.

Her mother, Judith Marchand, presented her with smiley-face balloons and the two hugged outside the family’s home in the Prospect Heights neighborhood. A VH1 crew captured the reunion for an upcoming reality show.

“I did almost a year in prison, a year in prison, just because my name is Foxy Brown,” she said.

(No, you did almost a year in prison because you beaned another woman in the head with your cell phone, Foxy!)

Which reminds me, when you buy a new cell phone and you are reading the box and it says “cell phone range”, the manufacturer is not talking about throwing range, Foxy!      R.M.

The Foxy Brown protective head gear phone, also comes in a Naomi Campbell model.

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