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Pete Doherty horsing around in prison

(Another famous Rash Manly headline)

Crime Reporter for

The U.K. Sun





vacantly in his cell —

amid revelations he is shooting up

heroin in the prison’s DETOX unit.

The junkie singer, 29,

has been injecting smack smuggled

into London’s tough Wormwood

Scrubs slammer.


jailed for snubbing rehab orders,

is paying for the drugs by begging

credit from fellow lags and writing IOUs.


A fellow inmate said:

“We can’t believe how much he’s

still clucking for it.

They put him inside to force him

to give up but Pete always has a

need to feed his habit.”

The heroin revelations came as

The Sun obtained photos of Doherty

behind bars, wearing prison-issue blue

T-shirt and grey tracksuit bottoms.

Prison ... Wormwood Scrubs

Prison … Wormwood Scrubs

Doherty was banged up for 3½ months

last week for failing to take drug tests

ordered by a court after he admitted

possessing heroin, crack, cannabis and

the horse tranquiliser ketamine.


He is sharing a cell in the Scrubs’

Connibere detox wing with a

28-year-old drug dealer.

Doctors are giving him heroin

substitute methadone in a bid

to wean him off.

But the rocker

is topping up

with the real thing.

The fellow inmate said:

“He hasn’t received his prison wage

yet so he’s getting the drugs on credit

and writing IOUs.”

Doherty has struck up a friendship

with a burly ex-streetfighter named Ray,

who is protecting him after lags started

a rumour the singer brought a stash of

drugs with him from the outside.

The inmate said:

“It wasn’t true but it was enough

to make people want to find him

and rob him.

Ray is making sure this doesn’t happen.”


Prison officers are said to treat Doherty

like a superstar –

and tramp from other

wings to get his autograph.


The inmate said:

“He usually signs his name next

to a scribbled smiley face with a trilby.”


He added that Doherty sleeps on a

urine-stained mattress and has been

told he will be transferred to an open

prison when a place is available.

A Prison Service spokesman said last night:

“We will act on any intelligence which

indicates drugs are being smuggled or abused.”

 Pete Doherty giving his cat Dinger “something” to smoke.

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