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Padlocked pants won’t deter Hugh Grant

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BEIJING, April 15 (Xinhuanet) — 

Massage parlors in a small Indonesian town

are asking their female workers to padlock

their skirts and pants to make it clear

they’re offering only massages,

not sex.

The move has been protested

by the women’s affairs minister of Indonesia,

where massage parlors are often a front

for prostitution.

She said the padlocks insult women

“as if they are the ones in the wrong.”

At least one parlor in a tourist town

on Java island has required its masseuses

to padlock their skirts or trousers

to make it clear the establishment

does not tolerate prostitution.

Others in the town started following suit

after local officials met with massage parlor

owners and suggested it’s a good idea.

TV footage and photos have shown

several masseuses with small padlocks

in their zippers.


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