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Marilyn Monroe’s fifteen minutes of shame

(Another famous Rash Manly 22moon.com headline)
A PORN video featuring MARILYN MONROE
has been unearthed… and sold for £750,000,
Veronica Lorraine reported for The U.K. Sun
is reporting April 15th.

The 15-minute black and white flick
is thought to have been shot in the 1950s
before Marilyn found global fame.
It is said to show the Some Like It Hot
star performing a sex act on an
unidentified man.

It has been bought by a
New York businessman,
who plans to lock it away
to protect Marilyn’s reputation.
The film was stumbled upon by
memorabilia collector Keya Morgan
as he researched a documentary on Marilyn,
who died aged 36 in 1962.

Morgan said an ex-FBI spook told
him about an informant who tipped
off the agency about the video’s
existence in the 1960s.
At the time FBI chief J EDGAR HOOVER
was trying in vain to prove Marilyn was
sleeping with President JOHN F KENNEDY
or his brother BOBBY.
The informant made a copy of the flick,
which ended up with his son after he died.
Morgan traced the son and acted as
broker in the sale of the video to
the businessman.

He said:
“You see instantly it’s Marilyn Monroe —
she has the famous mole. She’s radiant.”
Morgan said the buyer told him:
“I’m just going to lock it up.
“I’m not going to sell it out of respect.”
Edited declassified FBI documents
say the informant “exhibited to agents
a motion picture which depicted
Marilyn Monroe committing
a perverted act.”
According to the documents Marilyn’s husband,
baseball hero JOE DIMAGGIO,
tried in vain
to buy the film for £12,000.

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