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Paris Hilton’s new F.B.I. job (Female Body Inspector)

(Another famous Rash Manly headline!)
PARIS HILTON has declared that
small boobs are best, The U.K. Sun
is reporting April 15th.
The heiress has had a pop
at busty rival JESSICA SIMPSON,
claiming the Dukes Of Hazzard
star’s assets are “too big”.
Big up top ... Jessica Simpson
She said:
“I like how mine are,
I don’t like big boobs.
“I think they’re too … big.”
And as if to prove a point,
Paris arrived at The Sanderson Hotel
in London yesterday in a see-through
top that made a point or two.
Paris was also clearly in the mood
for more bitching – KIM KARDASHIAN,
and her “gross” bum,
being the next target.
She added:
“It’s disgusting.
It reminds me of cottage cheese
inside a big trash bag.”

2 Responses to “Paris Hilton’s new F.B.I. job (Female Body Inspector)”

  1. Uhhh where can I sign up

  2. 🙂 woo hoo go paris
    i don’t care that everyone makes fun of her..
    she SHOULD be proud of her small boobs
    and she’s right, she looks great and so do other women with small boobs <3

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