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Vanilla Ice needs to take a chill pill

Vanilla Ice, real name Robert Van Winkle,

was arrested for domestic battery charges,

Yahoo News UK is reporting April 11th.


 Van Winkle and his wife Laura had been arguing

since Wednesday. It is believed Laura called police

to report her husband was hitting and kicking her at

their Palm Beach County, Florida home on

Thursday evening.


According to the arrest report,

Laura Van Winkle appeared uninjured,

but told cops she wanted a divorce from the star.


But she is reported to have reneged on her

earlier allegations, insisting her husband had not hit

or kicked her, but had pushed her.


She is alleged to have told a police officer,

“He started yelling at me for going out to buy

a bedroom set. In front of my daughter.

I’m sorry I can’t say any more

until I talk to an attorney.”

Robert, 40, told cops about the couple’s two-day fight,

‘admitting he called his wife “nuts”, and said his wife

is bipolar and takes medication but still has

‘irrational episodes’.

He denied the allegations he pushed his wife.


Van Winkle was arrested in 2004

over similar domestic battery charges.

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