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Lindsay Lohan begs to go Full Monty

TROUBLED Hollywood babe LINDSAY LOHAN is planning to go STARKERS for just FORTY GRAND – because she wants to be thought of as a “mature actress”.

The ravishing redhead will star as a nymphomaniac waitress in low-budget drama Florence.

Producers only wanted 21-year-old Lindsay to go topless during red-hot sex scenes and were stunned when she told them she would be happy to do a full frontal.

And despite usually commanding seven-figure movie cheques, Lindsay has agreed to strip off for minimum pay.


An insider explained: “Lindsay doesn’t care she’s getting paid peanuts. She wants to remind people she can act and that she is worth hiring.”


A Hollywood pal added: “She is fully aware of the potential of her body. Lindsay wants to build up an image as a mature, responsible actress.”


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