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Hold my cigarette while I change this diaper

China’s health departments are planning a complete
smoking ban in nurseries and schools next month,
China View is reporting April 9th.

    Wednesday’s Beijing News quoted the Ministry of Health

as saying nurseries, as well as primary and middle schools

would be banned from having smoking rooms.

    The ministry said the premise of a “no smoking campus”

would soon kick off as part of the activities for the

21st World No Tobacco Day on May 31.

    The schools were asked to provide a “no smoking campus”

and faculty were encouraged to stop smoking themselves,

according to the ministry.

 This year’s functions will focus on keeping

children away from smoking.

  It will also crackdown upon illegal tobacco adverts

jointly with other departments,

a ministry source said.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) Report on the

Global Tobacco Epidemic said tobacco advertising can

hook more potential young smokers.

    A 2006 report issued by the ministry said about

50 million Chinese teens smoked, accounting for 1

4.28 percent of the country’s total smokers.




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