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Hugh Hefner not spotted making out with Perez Hilton


Pamela Anderson surprised

Hugh Hefner with a naked lapdance,

WENN is reporting April 8th.



The star – who has appeared on the cover

of the publication 12 times – gave the media mogul

the unique gift during celebrations at the Palms Fantasy Towers

in Las Vegas on Saturday, April 5th.


As Hefner walked into his luxury suite,

Anderson, 40, emerged from a bedroom in nothing

but high heels and proceeded to perform a 

seductive routine for him.


George Maloof, who owns the hotel, says,

“He was stunned and had the

biggest smile I’ve ever seen.”


In related Hugh Hefner news,

after the personal lap dance by Anderson,

Hefner declared himself gay and was spotted

making out with Perez Hilton.

Rash Manly       22moon.com






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