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Hoang Thuy Linh sex tape shocks the Internet!

The scandal surrounding recent celebrity

sex tapes seems to never end.

Vanessa Anne Hudgens nude photos

rocked the Internet,

as well as the Kirstin Davis sex photos.

 Hoang Thuy Linh’s sex tape

might be the most controversial yet.

The tape of the 19-year old Vietnamese

actress and her boyfriend was filmed on

Thuy Linh’s cellular phone, and has led to

the arrest of four students involved in

“dispersing illicit material of sexual conduct,”

on the Internet.


The students copied the video from the  



actresses’ boyfriend’s computer and then

posted it on their blogs and sent it to

other students, BBC News reported.


The first look at the

video was a five-minute  

version posted on YouTube.

It was quickly removed.

But a longer, 16 minute version surfaced

a couple of days later.

All of the versions of the sex tape

are still circulating around the Internet.


In The Van Anh’s Diaries,

the television soap opera, the actress played a starring role that was cancelled

due to the stir the and negative publicity

of the sex tape.

The show focussed on the daily lives

of Vietnamese students and was

popular with both young people

and their parents.

 Vietnamese journalist Hung Nguyen stated,

“This is the most scandalous and

controversial thing that has ever

happened in Vietnam’s virtual world.”

According to many that are familiar
with the Vietnamese culture,
people will be more forgiving of

Thuy Linh’s boyfriend because they

believe that it is socially acceptable


for a male to have sex at this age,

but not a female.

It probably does not help that

Thuy Linh’s character in the soap opera

was a virginal schoolgirl.

Two men and two women,

all in their twenties, will be

prosecuted for

“dispersing illicit material of sexual content”

on the internet.

If found guilty, they could face

up to three years in jail.

Nguyen Huu Tai, Vo Thanh Hiep,

Nguyen Thu Linh and Vu Thi Thuy Linh

are accused of making and posting

the 16-minute video clip of 19-year-old

TV star Hoang Thuy Linh on the internet.

Police are also investigating another

10 people, mostly students and some

currently studying overseas, for

“storing, transporting and dispersing

illicit material”.

The four people arrested are accused

of copying the video clip, filmed

by mobile phone, from a computer

belonging to Thuy Linh’s boyfriend.


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