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The Postman always rings twice but may not deliver the mail once

A postman in England who dumped 3,644 letters

and cards in less than a week has told

Perth Sheriff Court he was too stressed

to deliver them,

BBC News is reporting April 6th.


Aaron Thomas, 20, from Crieff,

admitted two charges of intentionally delaying

mail in November last year.

Royal Mail bosses discovered 2,000 missing letters

in the grey boxes which postmen use for their

deliveries and others scattered in different places.


Sentence has been deferred until next

month for reports to be prepared.

Thomas said:

“I cannot explain the remorse I feel and

no doubt it will haunt me for many months.

I do not consider myself lazy at all.

“It was not the job as such that

was stressing me out –

I could cope with the work.

“But there were other things going on

in my life that I’m not prepared to go into.

Things got out of control.”

Perth Sheriff Court
The court heard that 3,644 items
of mail had not been delivered.

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