You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Is it just me, or is eating babies in very bad taste?

All these newborns are nothing but candies. They are made of chocolate.


I found these chocoloate babies in PRAVDA on line.

I may never eat chocolate again

after seeing these photos!

On second thought,

I will never eat babies again

after seeing these photos!

These tasty treats would be a big hit in

a hospital baby ward…NOT!

I like chocolate, but I DO NOT want to

eat a chocolate baby,

the horror, THE HORROR!!!

14 Responses to “Is it just me, or is eating babies in very bad taste?”

  1. Absolutely adorable babies…OMG……Those are so cute! Where do I order them?

  2. You will never eat babies again? What the hell? You ate them BEFORE?

  3. They look perfect. I don’t think I could eat them.

  4. Just another reason why Russia is dead on its feet.


  6. some people like it

  7. Gross. I’m going to show this to my English teacher and after we read Swift’s satire over eating babies.

  8. They’re not really marzipan. They’re sculptures made by Camille Allen.

  9. Check out the real babies and get your facts straight.


  10. I think the artist who made these tiny lifelike sculptures is a fucking awesome guy

  11. hey mais il est trop bien fait le truquage !

  12. heu nn en faite on ma di ke cécé de la pate damande
    je suis tro sotte ! lol

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