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Perez and John Mayer, sittin’ in a tree…K.I.S.S.I.N.G.?

The Gossip Gangsta Perez Hilton

posted this on his website April 4th.

“Yes, it’s true!

100% happened!

John Mayer likes to make out
with girls and boys.
Yes, it’s true!
P.S. John’s a really good kisser!”
Those are the direct quotes
from Perez Hilton
taken off his amazing
website perezhilton.com.

The Queen Of The Hollywood Scene told

‘Life and Style’ magazine as well as ‘In Touch’

magazine that he and John Mayer had a kissy face

session recently.

Perez posted his shocking kiss and tell story

April 4th at 12:48 pm.

“For those of you who didn’t take our word for it…
A polygraph expert from Fox’s Moment Of Truth
gave Perez a lie detector test to prove once and
for all that he DID hook up with John Mayer.
“We answered almost every question honestly.
(Except one. Ooops!)”

Perez was quoted as

saying on his website.








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  1. Mayer? Not surprised. Did you ever see the picture of him staring at Depp’s ass?

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