You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

My name is Winehouse…Amy Winehouse!


will write and record the theme to the

new James Bond film next week,

according to The U.K. Sun April 5th.


The superproducer arrived at Amy’s

house on Thursday night to pick up

Amy and travel to his country retreat

in Henley.


The Back To Black star will join him

in the next few days and stay for a week

to put together the biggest song of

their careers.

It will feature in the 22nd Bond movie

Quantum Of Solace,

which is out in October.


A source revealed:

“Amy and Mark are really excited.

They see this as the biggest thing

 they have ever done.

“Mark collected her clothes

and guitar to take to his place.

She will join him soon and they

will lock themselves away to write

and record the song.

“They have no idea what they’re

going to do.

In true Amy fashion,

they’re going to busk it. “

“But I’m sure it will be brilliant. The new Bond film is supposed to be really dark so Amy will fit the bill perfectly.”

Amy went on an all-night bender after Mark’s visit, leaving her home in Camden, North London,

for Soho at 4am and not returning

until three hours later.


(What ever music she and Mark

produce, no doubt the world

will be shaken and stirred!)

Rash Manly



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