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Tom Cruise is purple with anger!



By WENN world entertainment news –

Saturday, April 5 09:40 am

Tom Cruise’s attorneys are looking to take

legal action over a new strain of medical marijuana

which has been put on the market under

the star’s name.

(Oprah Couch Jumping Mood Swinging

Nut Ball Tom Cruise Space Glow Weed)

The ‘Tom Cruise Purple’ brand,

which features a picture of the Vanilla Sky actor

laughing on the vials, is currently being sold

in licenced marijuana clubs in

Northern California.

The strain is said to be particularly strong

and users can experience hallucinations.

But the association has infuriated the anti-drugs star,

whose Scientology religion opposes any kind of use

of psychotropic drugs.

Cruise’s lawyers are now seeking to sue

the manufacturers,

reports the New York Daily News.



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