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Amy Winehouse has sex game gal pal


Big Brother ‘star’


and U.K. Popster AMY WINEHOUSE

seem to be hitting it off after their night

of sex games.

The pair seem to have become fast friends

after meeting bacause of a shared friendship

with the same hairdresser.


By the way, what is up with Amy’s hair!

Am I the only person on Earth to be freaked

out over her hair or what!


At least if Amy is sitting around rolling

glowing sex dice with her gal pal

Aisleyne, she is not rolling joints,

or worse, doing hard drugs.

Now if only Amy would address

her alcohol problem!

As for the girl on girl action?

No problem!

I mean, I have no problem with that.

That is none of my business,

which makes the snooping

into it so much more fun! 

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