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“Here, wear this snake…make it work!”

April 4, 2008

  A model holds a snake on the runway as she displays a creation by Triumph at the Singapore Fashion Festival April 3rd, 2008.  .   Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum were not consulted about the snake.  . Someone call Christian Siriano! . Rash Manly       22moon.com A model presents a piece of lingerie from the […]

George Cloony takes his balls and goes home!

April 4, 2008

George Clooney has quietly withdrawn from the Writers Guild of America after the union rejected his request for a writing credit on his new film “Leatherheads,” Daily Variety reported in its Friday edition. . Clooney opted to become a “financial core status” nonmember last fall, which means that he is still covered by the basic […]

Amy Winehouse has sex game gal pal

April 4, 2008

Big Brother ‘star’ AISLEYNE HORGAN-WALLACE and U.K. Popster AMY WINEHOUSE seem to be hitting it off after their night of sex games. The pair seem to have become fast friends after meeting bacause of a shared friendship with the same hairdresser. . By the way, what is up with Amy’s hair! Am I the only […]

Lindsay Lohan acting sex mad!

April 4, 2008

The U.K. Sun ran this wild Lindsay Lohan story April 3rd. I won’t dare change a shocking word except for the headline, which I always write myself because I’m the best headline writer in the world. . LINDSAY LOHAN just loves a bit of controversy doesn’t she? Just days after agreeing to portray a member […]

Amy Winehouse lesbian sex game night!

April 4, 2008

  The U.K. Sun ran this shocking Amy Winehouse story April 3rd! EARLIER I told how my AMY WINEHOUSE Celebrity-ometer was in a sorry state following the singer’s booze up with Big Brother ‘star’ AISLEYNE HORGAN-WALLACE. . Well I’m afraid it has now well and truly hit rock bottom after sources say the oddball pair […]