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Naughty Kirstin Davis photos very closely studied, hard to deny


Kirstin Davis
Three renowned plastic surgeons asked by
The National Enquirer claim that Kirstin Davis
is the lady in the naughty oral sex photos
plastering the Internet.
The Enquirer alleges in it’s April 7th issue
that Kirstin Davis is the naked woman in the
racy photos.
New York plastic surgeon
Dr. Howard Bellin
told the Enquirer,
I’m 99.9 percent sure it’s Kirstin.
The girl in the photos has the exact same
nose as her and Kirstin’s eyebrows are also
very distinct and almost impossible
to mistake.”
Top Manhattan plastic surgeon
Dr. George Lefkovits
was quoted as saying,
“Kirstin has two little balls
of cartilage at the tip of her
nose that are identical in all
the photographs I’ve studied.
From this unique and distinct feature,
I would say this is the same person.”
Dr. Greg Wiener, a board certified
surgeon in Chicago,
told the Enquirer,
“The woman has the identical forehead
to Kirstin Davis, and her eyes seem to
be the exact shade of brown.”
The man in the photos is unknown, but
the photos were reportedly from the 1990’s,
when Kirstin dated chef and restaurant
owner Eric Stapelman.
When asked for comment,
Stapelman would not confirm
or deny he was the man in the
Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall
have not commented on the photos.
A spokesperson for the 43 year old
Davis denies she is the woman in
the racy photographs.
Rash Manly       22moon.com

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