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Amy Winehouse social standing sitting, falling down


AMY WINEHOUSE has made a secret visit

to a new rehab center as she battles her demons,

the U.K. Sun is reporting April 3rd.



Amy was spotted leaving the NHS

drop-in unit in Brixton, South London,

on Tuesday night.


After her hour-long visit,

she returned to her Camden home —

where she continues to surround

herself with fame junkies.


Just 24 hours after partying with

Big Brother nonebrity AISLEYNE HORGAN-WALLACE,

she was joined by drag queen JODIE HARSH.

Amy’s celeb pals have really flat lined

after a promising start.

She had begun to upgrade her friends

after she shot to superstardom last year —

peaking with a trip to BRYAN ADAMS’

Caribbean hideaway at Christmas.

But the Sun’s Winehouse Celebrity-ometer

shows she’s now really hit rock bottom.


Rash Manly        22moon.com

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