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David Arquette caught doing pornsearch, I mean research


David Arquette was left 

 red-faced recently…

After a hospital patient caught him

watching what looked like a sex tape.

ANANOVA is reporting April 1st.


But believe it or not,

there is an innocent explanation.


Courteney Cox’s fella was actually

working at the time of the incident.

He was editing a scene from his wife’s

scandalous TV drama Dirt,

from an episode he directed.


But when Courteney’s mother was taken

to a hospital in Ohio for open-heart surgery,

David came along too – with his work in tow.


“We were in the hospitality suite,”

Courteney explained to Wenn.

“And David’s watching the computer

of his cut and giving notes from Cleveland.

There was this part he was watching,

where there was like a home sex video.

“He was really into it.

and this woman walks by,

looks over his shoulder and says:

‘What are you doing?’

“She thought he was just sitting

in the hospitality suite enjoying some sex show.”


(That is David’s story that he told

his wife and he is sticking to it.)

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