You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Lindsay Lohan burned her bra!


THOSE sex tape rumours

must be weighing heavily on


the U. K. Sun is reporting March 28th.


Indeed, she’s become so forgetful

the star went clubbing with pal

SAMANTHA RONSON minus her bra.


Though after posing for those

MARILYN MONROE inspired topless snaps,

Li-Lo probably feels quite comfortable

letting it all hang out these days.


She’ll soon be back in front of the camera,

 though not of the mobile phone kind,

after signing up for another movie role.


The Mean Girls star is set to star in a film

about murderer CHARLES MANSON.


It’s a bit of a recurring theme for Li-Lo,

as she recently featured in a movie about


the man who killed JOHN LENNON.


Hopefully it’ll be received slightly better

than her last high profile movie,

I Know Who Killed Me,

which was so bad it claimed a Razzie,

for the worst film of 2007.


If Lindsay needs to wake up her

sagging career, do not appear naked

as Marilyn Monroe, appear naked in

photos as Vanessa Hudgens!

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