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Zhang Ziyi TV show “The Story Of Wildlife”

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is in the

spotlight once again, but not as an actress,

CHINA VIEW is reporting March 29th.

 Zhang Ziyi is hosting an English TV program titled

“The Story of Wildlife,”

which aims to draw attention to wild animals

facing extinction.


 Zhang shot the program last December

at a conservation area in Sabah,

a region in Malaysia,

Xiaoxiang Morning Post reported.


The trailer of the program shows Zhang

visiting a tropical rainforest and introducing

some species of the nearly-extinct wildlife.


 Although the insects in the rainforest

are potentially harmful,

Zhang insisted going into the rainforest

herself to give the audience

a closer look at the animals.


After spending three days with a pair

of orphaned orangutans,

Zhang experienced

their deteriorating living environment first hand.


This primate, which acts much like humans,

is often captured and regarded as a pet.

Some wildlife experts predict that they

will die out in ten years if no effective

measures are taken.


As a host, Zhang interviewed the

conservator as well as local inhabitants

to bring well-rounded information

to the audience.


 Zhang donated her talent to the program

since it focuses on promoting wildlife concerns.

 Zhang tried to speak English in the one-hour

program so people around the world could

 better understand it.


 Many TV stations, including CNN, MTV Asia,

and the U.S.-based Hallmark subscription channel,

have rushed to purchase the broadcasting

rights to the program.


 The program’s premiere show time

has not yet been determined.


Does this actress have class and grace or what!

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