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China tortoise can smoke a cigarette in 4 minutes!


 A tortoise who enjoys a good smoke
has been discovered in northeast
China’s Jilin Province,
CHINA VIEW is reporting March 29th.
The smoking tortoise is the pet
of a Chinese man surnamed
Yun from Yongji County.
He has kept the animal as a pet for nearly four years,  

according to the City Evening News.


 Yun, himself a smoker,

one day teased the tortoise

by putting a cigarette butt into its mouth.

To his surprise, it smoked,

the paper said.


From then on,

he often shared his cigarettes with his pet.


 “It seems to have become addicted,”

Yun was quoted as saying.


“Whenever I smoke in front of it,

it will stick its head out of the water

and fidget about until I give it the stub.”


 To prove his claim,

Yun put a cigarette

into the tortoise’s mouth in the presence

of the paper’s reporter and his neighbors,

said the report.


 To everyone’s surprise,

the animal finished

smoking the cigarette in less than four minutes —

even faster than most men do,

and seemed

to be enjoying the process.


 Tang Jingwen, the deputy secretary-general

of the Wildlife Conservation Society of Jilin City,

said he was quite surprised by the news.


 He knew about monkeys who smoked out

of imitation of human beings,

 but had never heard of a tortoise

lighting up.


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  1. if you pack the tortoise’s dung in a bowl
    and smoke it after he smokes a cigarette
    you will trip due to the toxins.
    It’s a free high.

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