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Statue is hung like a horse…er…or something.

A bronze sculpture of a stallion
holding a piece of rail in its mouth
was built last week in the yard of the
Yar Hotel,
PRAVDA is reporting March 29th.
The statue is situated at the entrance to the
Russian town of Voronezh.
The 3.5-meter-high statue weighs more than 3 tons.
The stallion has a short-cut tail and the
reproductive organ which
greatly resembles
the one of a man.
Maxim Dikunov named his stallion Yaryzh
and said that it symbolizes the struggle
between nature and civilization.
According to Maxim’s mother,
 the management of Yar Hotel
arranged a contest
to choose the sculpture which
could perfectly express
the atmosphere of the hotel.
A lot of sketches were suggested
to the hotel administration.
Finally they choose the stallion.
When the sculptor’s father was asked
about the stallion’s human sex organ
he said that
 “it is just a matter of nature and people
should not stick noses in it.”
Yana Chernyshova,
the hotel’s director,
said that she liked this sculpture very much.
She said that the artist exceeded her expectations.
When she saw the sculpture she realized
that it was exactly what she wanted.

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