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Patrick Swayze to undergo the CyberKnife



Patrick Swayze is to undergo an experimental

technique called the “CyberKnife”,

The National Enquirer is

reporting in it’s March 31st issue.


The tool uses computerized guidance technology

to deliver high doses of radiation to tumors with

pinpoint accuracy without damaging surrounding



The use of the Cyberknife is controversial among experts.


Dr. Len Lichenfeld,  Deputy Chief Medical Officer

for the American Cancer Society,

told The Enquirer,

“Using the Cyberknife for inoperable pancreatic cancer

is very experimental. 


It has not been shown to work to

prolong survival times.

It’s something to try on patients,

but you just don’t know if it will

make any difference.”


The head of the Cyberknife Program at Georgetown

University Hospital,  Dr. Greg Gagnon, was quoted as saying,


“Our group and the group at Stanford

have both treated a fair

number of patients with inoperable

pancreatic cancer

with the CyberKnife.


It is a relatively quick and convenient treatment

that takes only three to five sessions

over the course of a week,

rather than six or more weeks of conventional

radiosurgery treatment.

“We’ve found it generally helps decrease pain

and makes patients more comfortable

while they are alive.

CyberKnife treatment usually seems

to add only a month

or two in terms of overall survival time,

 though sometimes these patients can

still be alive for two  or three years

after treatment.


We are hoping for some of these patients,

treatment with theCyberKnife,

when coupled with continuing chemotherapy,

will result in a cure.”


A family insider was quoted as saying,

“Patrick knows his situation is very difficult,

and he cherishes the outpouring of love.”


Patrick says whatever happens,

he knows he’s living the best life he

can and has the love and support of

his family and friends.”


Fans of Patrick Swayze worldwide

send their love and support,

get better, Patrick!



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  2. How does CyberKnife work?
    What makes CyberKnife unique? Its uniqueness is based on its extreme accuracy enabling CyberKnife to treat tumors that were considered untreatable with conventional surgery and radiation.

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