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Amy Winehouse may be cracking up!


LIA NICHOLLS reporting for

The U.K. Sun March 26th.

DRUGGIE AMY WINEHOUSE steps out for a kebab with her face covered in scabs.


Visitor … Pete Doherty
called at her home.


The singer’s spotty skin shocked onlookers as it emerged she is to return to rehab, this time abroad.


Crack addict Amy, 24 — whose looks have been ravaged by drugs — also had cuts on her arm as she popped out near her London home.


A source said: “Amy has admitted she needs to check into rehab again.

“There are too many temptations for her in the UK — people around her in London are making it impossible for her to stay clean for any length of time.


“Her management had considered flying her to a clinic in Israel but are now looking further afield. They are assessing a clinic in Cape Town in South Africa.”


Amy, who spent two weeks in rehab in January, was pictured after earlier seeing husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL, 25 — on remand in prison accused of perverting justice.


She was visited later at her flat in Camden by grubby-looking junkie rocker PETE DOHERTY, 29.

Back to Black star Amy says her skin condition is impetigo, a bacterial infection.


Sun Doctor Carol Cooper said: “The damage is quite severe, but not unusual with crack cocaine abuse.

“She’s got a number of sores, some of which look infected, and others that have formed ulcers.”


Darn, Amy, just say no no no to hard drugs!

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