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Dirty Harry as young as you kill


Dirty Harry is back for the first time
since 1988.  Clint Eastwood is 77 years old,
which means he is in no mood to take any crap
from any young punks, mainly, anyone who is
younger than he is.
On Tuesday, studio executives at Warner Brothers revealed
the 77-year-old legend will direct and star in Gran Torino.
No further details were released, other than the project
has a December release date penciled in.
According to movie news web site AintItCoolNews.com,
Gran Torino will be the sixth Dirty Harry film,
and the first since 1988’s The Dead Pool.
The Oscar winning Eastwood also starred as maverick cop
Inspector Harry Callahan in Dirty Harry (1971),
Magnum Force (1973), The Enforcer (1976) and
Sudden Impact (1983), which he directed.
Gran Torino’s plot reportedly follows a retired Harry Callahan
as he hunts down the killer of two police officers,
one of whom is his grandson.
The villain drives a Ford Torino.
Will Harry have some new catch phrases to
enter the vocabulary after this film?
“”The senior’s buffet at Shony’s starts
promptly at 4 PM, and you are standing in
the seniors line, punk, and you are standing
in front of me!
At a time like this, you have to ask youself,
will this cranky oldster beat me up
the side of my head
with his cane, or do I feel lucky?!
Well, do ya, punk?!”
“This is the 44 Magnum, the most powerful
handgun in the world,
It’s bullets will pass through the
human body faster than eating a
high fiber diet with prunes!”
“Go ahead, make my oatmeal!”
Eastwood isn’t the only action hero
returning to his roots,Sylvester Stallone
recently resurrected his Rocky and Rambo franchises;
Bruce Willis made his first Die Hard movie in 12 years; and Harrison Ford is back as ’80’s hero Indiana Jones this summer.Pending future movie titles are,

“Indiana Jones and The Mid Life Crisis.”

“Rambo 12, Skateboarder Scofflaws VS Serenity Village Seniors”


“Die Hard In Bed Sleeping At 95.”

“Dirty Harry Old Man With No Country.”

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