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Simon Cowell a Guardian Angel


Simon Cowell promised to be three-year-old Madelaine Stoen’s

“guardian angel” after being shown footage of the family on
Oprah Winfrey’s US TV chat show, BBC Newsbeat is
reporting March 21st.
Madelaine’s parents were struggling to pay their
£80,000 debt because they had to travel more than
100 miles every day for Madelaine’s cancer treatment.
After seeing a video of the family, The American Idol creator said: “I didn’t know what to do in this situation, other than to do something which I hope will help your situation. “I know that you’re having problems with your mortgage.  

As of this afternoon your mortgage has been paid off.”


After writing the check, Cowell told Oprah he had only just

realised how good it was to give, and added:

“It’s taken me 48 years. I credit you with this.”

Cowell said:

“I never knew doing good could feel so good.”

I give Simon a thumbs up for being a nice guy.

2 Responses to “Simon Cowell a Guardian Angel”

  1. I’m Madelaine’s cousin and i just want to thank Simon
    for the generous gift that he has given to her
    and her parents,
    its amazing and i am so grateful to know
    that there is someone out there with compassion
    to give just even a small thing
    (not so small but every little bit helps).

  2. Thank you so much for
    sharing that, Zachariah!
    Best wishes to you and to
    your family.

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