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Lindsay Lohan joins “The Good Girl’s Club”

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Party girl Lindsay Lohan
is a party girl no more, following her stay in rehab,
the UK Sun is reporting March 17th.
I was putting myself in the wrong situations.”
The Herbie Fully Loaded star was quoted as saying.
Now Lindsay has ditched the hangers on and bad influences
in her life, according to The Sun.
The ‘I Know Who Killed Me’ star said: “I changed things.”
In unrelated news, the sun will be rising in the West
and setting in the East, dogs will be sleeping with cats,
and Hell will be freezing over.

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  1. I’ve read a lot about Lindsay Lohan in the press; most of it about her bad behavior rather than her acting and I had allowed myself to be convinced that she is a silly little girl with nothing much to recommend her.

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