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Iliana Fischer: This sultry smart bombshell is waking up Hollywood

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Iliana Fischer 


by RASH MANLY – March 14th, 2008
Iliana Fischer is a U.C. Berkeley graduate
with degrees in psychology and Spanish literature/poetry.
That alone is enough for anyone to be proud of.
But this woman of many talents was just getting started.
Iliana Fischer is also an actress, a recording artist,
and her drop dead sexy bombshell looks made her
the Playboy Cybergirl Internet
Playmate in March 2003.
Her CD “Caliente” is ranked number 2 in the Latin
categories and 25 in the Pop category and is doing very well
on the top 100 rankings on MySpace.
She has appeared on TV shows too numerous to mention,
including “Baywatch” and many movies, such as Blind Ambition.
This multi talented celebrity took the time
to answer some questions from an unknown reporter
(Rash Manly) because she actually cares about her fans.
R.M.  “What makes you happy?”
Iliana Fischer
“what makes me happy is living my dreams
and fulfilling my purpose on the planet… “
R.M.:  “Do you have any favorite actors?”
Iliana Fischer
“Salma Hayek, Ashley Judd,Sharon Stone,
Terrence Howard, Nevine Andrews “
R.M.  “You are such a great writer also. 
Did you write as a child?”
Iliana Fischer
“been writing poetry since I was 15.
Had some published in a University publication in Berkeley,CA… “
R.M.:  “Did you have any favorite childhood pets?”
Iliana Fischer
“I’ve always had a small dog that
I’d take everywhere since the age of 5. 
Used to put my dog in the basket of my bicycle
when I’d ride around as a kid…
I have a tiny chihuaha now named “Minnie“…
She has been to Milan, Italy, New York, Texas, Nevada, 
and lots of other places…”
R.M.:  “Did you sing and did not sing or act as a child?”
Iliana Fischer
“Did not sing or act as a child…
I pretended  to by tying a jump rope around the leg
of the dining room table
and singing into it… “
R.M.  “You stay in amazing shape. 
Do you have any workout and or diet secrets?”
Iliana Fischer
“Avoid carbs at all costs;
 little red meat, yoga is a must, cardio,
and everything in moderation….”
R.M.  “If you could do your next photo shoot with
any photographer in the world, who would it be?”
Iliana Fischer
“Whom I would like to shoot with would’ve been
Helmut Newton or would be DeMarchelier or Daniela Federicci .”
R.M.:  “Do have done so many photoshoots
around the world. Do you have a favorite?”
Iliana Fischer: 
“Fav photo shoot: Anna Nicole Smiths Guess jeans
campaign shot by Daniela Federici.”
R.M.  “You are such a talented actress. 
Do you have a favorite role?  Or perhaps
a role that you would like to portray ?”
Iliana Fischer: 
“Fav acting role would be playing a Bond Girl.”
R.M.  “Do you have a favorite author?”
Iliana Fischer: 
“Richard Bach.”
R.M.  “You are so involved with the Hollywood scene.
Do you have a favorite director?”
Iliana Fischer: 
“Quentin Tarantino.”
R.M.:  “You have fans all over the globe.
What would you like your fans to know about you?”
Iliana Fischer
“I  like the idea of people getting to
know me on a deeper level.
That is exactly what I want to achieve
with my “viewers…. “
R.M:  “Your stunning classic beauty is overwhelming!
Do you find it makes many people under estimate you?”
Iliana Fischer: 
“I am severely underestimated.
My intelligence, my foresight, my ambition, drive,
capabilities, strength, resourcefulness,and my power…
that is my biggest obstacle in life…”
R.M:  “I’ve taken up enough of your time, Iliana.
I can never thank you enough for taking the time
for this interview!
And may I add that you would be a PERFECT Bond Girl!”
Iliana Fischer: 
“Thank you so much! 
I’ve never known a Playboy model to become
a Bond Girl, but I believe in infinite
When a famous star has time to answer questions
from average fans it shows a level of class seldom
seen in Hollywood today. 
Iliana Fischer is one amazing celebrity.
Hollywood and the music business are lucky to have her,
and so are her fans,
whom she makes feel like friends.
Rash Manly    22MOON







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  1. An amazing interview Rash… 🙂 Good job!!

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