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Angelina Jolie hot shopping spree


Sultry Angelina Jolie stocked up on
kinky sex toys during a covert shopping trip,
the National Enquirer is claiming in the March 17th issue
that just hit the stands.
Sources tell The Enquirer Angelina is trying to
spice up her and Brad’s sex life and improve
their quality time together.
It is alleged that Angelina visited the
CoCo Del Mer store on Melrose Avenue.
She purchased a peek a boo black bra,
special tape used for bondage games,
and a personal item even the Enquirer
would not divulge.
(This reporter suspects she purchased a
five gallon tub of Boy Butter, but I could be wrong.)
“Angelina feels sex is the only way to ease the fighting
with Brad. 
So she put together a little bag of tricks
to keep him busy in bed.”,
An insider told The Enquirer.
“Things were rough enough between Angelina
and Brad before she became pregnant.
But lately, she’s been a bundle of nerves
and feeling incredibly insecure about her looks.”
The source continued.
Angelina traveled to Iraq in early February and
wrote an op-ed piece for “The Washington Post”
insisting American troops stay in Iraq.
Brad felt that Angelina’s vocal stance puts him
in the position of agreeing with her and seeming
pro war or disagreeing with her, which would
cause friction between them.
Friction in a relationship is never a good thing.
Break out the Boy Butter, Angelina!

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