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K-Fed to change name to K-Well-Fed


Britney Spears’ lawyer accused Kevin Federline
of paying his attorneys too much,
and leading an overly-excessive lifestyle,
The UK Sun is reporting March 11th.
Britney’s lawyer Stacy Phillips objected to her client
paying Federline’s $250,000 legal bill.
Ms. Phillips cited an example of one incident,
during which Federline allegedly left a $1,000 tip
on a $183 restaurant bill, arguing that if he can afford to be
so frivolous with money then he should pay his own legal costs.
Has Britney, have you seen Kevin in person lately?
The man is living large and high on the hog.
Food is not cheap, Britney.
He left a $1000 dollar
tip for some reason,
perhaps they brought him extra
dinner rolls.
The photo I’m running of him for this
story is just his head shot, that is
all of Kevin that would fit on a computer
monitor screen.

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