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Dexter does play well with others


Showtime is turning its serial-killer drama “Dexter”
into a videogame, Hollywood Reporter is reporting March 4th.
The premium cable network has signed a production deal
with the gaming division of the Marc Ecko hip-hop fashion house
to design a game for multiple platforms, including the Sony PlayStation 3
and Microsoft Xbox 360.
It will be aimed at avid gamers, many of whom have become fans
of the Emmy-winning series. Michael C. Hall stars as an emotionally
detached forensics analyst who dispatches deserving villains in his spare time.
Reruns are now airing on CBS.
Marc Ecko Entertainment is in talks with a number of developers
about the “Dexter” game, but stressed that it will work closely with
Showtime to ensure it is faithful to the series.
I am a major “Dexter” fan, and for those who did not follow it
on Showtime, CBS is showing the smoking hot first season!

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