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I Loath New York


New York (Tiffany Pollard) has kicked Taylor Made
(or is it Taylor Maid) to the curb,
MediaTakeOut is reporting March 8th.
New York is going to be doing a new show
called “New York Goes To Hollywood.”.
And here’s how VH-1 describes the new series:
New York is ready to tackle her other life dream: superstardom.
Don’t get it wrong –
New York is already a star but she wants to be on the A-list –
as a legit actress.
In order to focus on her new mission,
New York has to put her last conquest, Tailor Made,
on the back burner as she tries to take on Tinsel Town.
She’s moving out west to see if she can climb the
Hollywood ladder. Question is,
will she reach for the stars or fall flat on her face?
This begs the question, have the people at VH 1 taken a look
at New York’s humongous fake breast implants?
That girl is not going to be falling flat on her face
no matter how many stars she reaches for.
(Perhaps the show should be called,
Hollywood Runs From New York“.)
No doubt I will end up watching this show just like
I watched “I Love New York” season one and two.
Watching semi scripted fake train wrecks will
have to satisfy me until Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears
or Amy Winehouse act out in public again.
Which should be any minute now.

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