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Jeff Conaway cast for Celebrity Rehab II !


Taxie TV show star Jeff Conaway 
will rejoin the U.S. reality show Celebrity Rehab,

despite quitting the program days before completing

his televised treatment, WENN is reporting March 7th.

Conaway, who played Kenickie in the iconic 1978

musical movie Grease, was struggling with severe cocaine,

painkiller and alcohol addictions when he signed up to

appear with other fallen stars on psychologist

Dr. Drew Pinsky’s TV experiment.

He quit the program early when the facility

which housed himselfand others,

like fellow actor Daniel Baldwin,

reportedly ran out of the pain medication he needed.

Conaway is quoted as saying,

“It’s not over, I’m gonna go back in.”

Jeff Conaway admits he still needs to work on his painkiller addiction –

and that’s why he’d like to return to Celebrity Rehab.

Will Lindsay Lohan join the cast of Celebrity Rehab II?

Oh, I forgot, she is all better now.

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