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UN Report on Amy Winehouse?


Letting celebrities such as Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty
get away with drug crimes is sending out the wrong message to ‘impressionable’ young people,
a UN report warned, the AFP is reporting March 6th.
The United Nations drug control agency has for the first time highlighted
the damaging influence drug-using celebrities — such as Amy Winehouse,
Pete Doherty and Kate Moss  have on fans.
The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) said in its annual report
that leniency by police and courts towards famous people undermines the
criminal justice system.
“There should not be any difference between a celebrity who is breaking
the law and non-celebrities,” said INCB member Professor Hamid Ghodse.
“Not only does it give the wrong messages to young people,
 who are often quite impressionable, but the wider public become
 cynical about the responses to drug offenders.”
The UN agency urged governments to pay more attention to
high profile drug abuse cases, saying the glamorization of drug abuse
is especially relevant for young people who are “often most vulnerable”
to the cult of celebrity.
While not naming any names, Ghodse said:
“A number of people have got a lenient response in the UK
and around the world.”
The United Nations is claiming there
is such a thing as “Celebrity Justice”
where celebs get soft treatment?
Gee, ya think?

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