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Lindsay Lohan fully loaded

Lindsay Lohan has fallen so hard off the wagonshe should be covered with bruises.”writes Robin Mizrahi of The National Enquirer

dated March 3rd.

insiders told The Enquirer that Lindsay has been

filling water bottles with Grey Goose Vodka to hide

her drinking habit from the public.

The former actress and current nudie model Lindsay

 was spotted getting fully loaded at

the LA hot spot Avalon Feb 8th.

“She was running around in a gold minidress and

black stiletto heels, saying hello to people

and smoking like a chimney, but the night was

mostly about hiding her alcohol consumption.”,

A source told The Enquirer.

“She was sitting at a cocktail table topped

with different kinds of juices, water, and one of her

favorite beverages, the energy drink Red Bull.

But she had people stock bottles of Grey Goose

vodka under the table.”

She was putting Grey Goose into her Red Bull,

the source claims.

Four nights later, Lindsay was spotted at the Club S Bar

in Hollywood, drinking vodka from a water bottle.

At the Club Villa, an eyewitness for the X17 photo

agency saw Lindsay drinking vodka cocktails,

several of them.

“She’s not sober anymore.  I know for sure.”

The source claimed to X17.

Lindsay Lohan needs to be one of the

celebs on “Celebrity Rehab II” for sure.

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