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Patricia Arquette saw this coming


Patricia Arquette fell in the rain, smashing her face up
on the set of her TV show Medium, Yahoo News UK
is reporting March 4th.
Her accident happened just a day before shooting resumed,
following a three month lay-off for the writers strike,
which ended last month.
She reveals,
“I went down to Chinatown to get some food and it started to rain.
I bought a little Chinese rice patty hat. I was running and I turned
to take a picture of my daughter and slipped and scraped my face
on the ground.
I thought I broke off my front teeth. The Chinese rice patty hat saved me.
 I had been off for months and I went back to work the next day with my
face all scraped up.”
You may ask yourself,
why did she not see this accident coming in advance?
Hey, she said she was wearing the Chinese rice patty hat
that saved her face major damage.
In other words, she knew to wear that hat in advance!
I never doubted your mediumistic powers, Patricia,
you are amazing!

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