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Desperate Amy Winehouse wife


The UK Sun is reporting March 5th
Amy Winehouse put a cigarette out
on her left cheek in a London restaurant.
The Sun claims Amy was with pals when she was asked
three times by staff to put out her Marlboro Light because
of the smoking ban.
As she received her final warning, Amy stared straight into the
waitress’s eyes and pushed the burning tip of the cigarette into
her own face.
A source at the diner said:
 “She hardly flinched because she was so high.
The whole place was open-mouthed in horror.”
The source added: “She was so out of it that
she didn’t feel the pain — everyone else looked completely stunned.
“The waitress covered her mouth in shock and just walked off to tell
the manager. It was a shocking sight.”
Amy’s spokesperson said at the weekend that the singer
was suffering from impetigo, explaining the rash on her left cheek.
When Amy was in Paris on Friday she joked with the crowd at the Fendi
fashion show that she had mumps.
But the real reason for the mark on her face is the cigarette incident
— once again highlighting Amy’s self-harm problems.

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