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Can Niu Zai fix AOL software someday?


Seven-year-old boy Niu Zai is a computer expert in Nanning,
Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region,
CHINA VIEW is reporting March 2nd.
Niu, a grade one pupil, is the youngest IT technician in Guangxi.
 He was helping to repair computers when only six years old,
and installing software like Windows 98 and Windows XP
when he was only three.
He was able to use DOS systems and download computer
games at the age of four.
    Niu is now studying VB.6.0 (visualbasic6.0), a university course
for writing programs. His parents are primary school teachers
and know little about computers.
But Niu has spent a lot of time with his uncle,
who is a computer technician.
Perhaps when this kid grows up he can figure out
how to make America On Line software work correctly.

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