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PETA playmates protest Pamplona

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PETA is protesting bullfighting
in Sydney, Australia, CHINA VIEW
is reporting Feb. 27th.
(This reporter was unaware of bullfighting
going on in Sydney, but what do I know.)
A policewoman escorts Lana Wendt and
Kristi-Anna Bydon after police stop a topless
demonstration at Circular Quay in Sydney
Feb. 27th, 2008.
The animal liberation group was drawing attention
to the Running Of The Bulls event in Pamplona, Spain.
(By running around topless in Sydney, Australia,
again, I would ask why but what do I know.)
I’m just having fun with you PETA people,
I love animals, it is people I have a
hard time trusting.
I strongly feel Hayden Panettiere should go full
monty to save the whales and dolphins,
but that is just me.

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