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SIMON SEZ the Oscars are snobbish!

Simon Cowell 

American Idol star Simon Cowell believes the Oscar ceremony,
 which exclusively rewards work on movies – looks down on TV series
and television stars.
 Cowell even claims he’s viewed as “evil” in Hollywood circles,
WENN is reporting Feb 25th.
Simon says,  

“They think I’m the antichrist.

They don’t like us TV people to be part of it – it’s ridiculous.

It reeks of snobbery.”

And Cowell insists he wouldn’t want to attend the

star-studded event because he hates Hollywood.

Cowell added,

 “I have nothing to do with the Oscars –

and nor do I want to. I’ll only go if someone has invited me.

“I hate the whole movie industry. It’s so stuck up I can’t bear it.”

Is Simon trying to say that many people in Hollywood

are stuck up and vain? 

I’m shocked, SHOCKED!


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