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Johnnie Carr, dead at 97

Rest In Peace Johnnie Carr 

Johnnie Carr, who joined childhood friend Rosa Parks
in the historic Montgomery bus boycott and kept a busy schedule
of civil rights activism up to her final days, has died. She was 97.
Associated Press writer DESIREE HUNTER reports Feb. 23rd.
Carr died Feb. 22nd, on a Friday night,
said Baptist Health hospital spokeswoman Melody Ragland.
Carr had been hospitalized after a stroke Feb. 11.
Carr succeeded the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. as president
of the Montgomery Improvement Association in 1967, a post
she held at her death.
It was the newly formed association that led the boycott of city buses
in the Alabama capital in 1955 after Parks, a black seamstress,
 was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to whites on a crowded bus.
A year later the U.S. Supreme Court struck down racial segregation
on public transportation.
“Johnnie Carr is one of the three major icons of the Civil Rights Movement:
Dr. King, Rosa Parks and Johnnie Carr,” said Morris Dees,
co-founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center.
“I think ultimately, when the final history books are written,
she’ll be one of the few people remembered for that terrific movement.”
Rest In Peace, Johnnie Carr, dead at 97.

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