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Lindsay Lohan’s talents recognized, finally!


Lindsay Lohan was a joint winner of the worst actress
Golden Raspberry (Razzie) for her dual roles in the critically panned box-office dud
“I Know Who Killed Me,”
which was also crowned worst picture,
Paula Bustamante is reporting
on Yahoo News UK Feb. 23 rd.
In all the film won eight Razzies,
including worst director for Chris Sivertson’s effort,
worst screenplay for the script based on Jeff Hammon’s writing,
worst excuse for a horror movie,
and worst remake or rip-off.
Razzies chief John Wilson said the dual
dishonors were a fitting tribute.
“It’s appropriate that it’s a tie, because
at the end of the movie,
you don’t know if it was one person or two people,
or are they twins,
or are we as mentally ill as the
screenwriter and director,” 
Wilson said.
Reviews of “I Know Who Killed Me”
were universally withering last year.
“A disaster that exerts a perverse fascination,”
was how influential movie trade journal
Daily Variety described the film,
while Premiere Magazine dismissed it as
“risible, grotesque and incoherent.”
This year’s Razzies were announced at Santa Monica’s Magicopolis center, just one day ahead of the Oscars.Recipients of the Razzies rarely show up

to collect their prizes,

gold spray-painted plastic gongs in the shape

of a raspberry,

which organizers say are worth

as much as 4.89 dollars.

Congratulations, Lindsay!

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