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Sydney Sea Monsters playground?

Cecile the sea sick sea serpentsea monster 

Scientists studying Antarctic waters have filmed and captured giant sea creatures,
like sea spiders the size of dinner plates and jelly fish with 18 feet tentacles,
REUTERS News Wire is reporting Feb. 19th.

“Gigantism is very common in Antarctic waters
We have collected huge worms, giant crustaceans and sea spiders
the size of dinner plates,”
Australian scientist Martin Riddle,
voyage leader on the research ship Aurora Australis, said on Tuesday.


“Some of the video footage we have collected is really stunning —
it’s amazing to be able to navigate undersea mountains and valleys
and actually see what the animals look like in their undisturbed state,”
Riddle said.
“In some places every inch of the sea floor is covered in life.
In other places we can see deep scars and gouges where icebergs
scour the sea floor as they pass by,” Riddle continued.
The three ships, the Aurora Australis, France’s L’Astrolabe and
Japan’s Umitaka Maru docked in Hoabrt on Australia’s southern island state of Tasmania,
with their decks full of an array of sealife including unknown species of sea creatures
collected near the eastern Antarctic land mass.
Some creatures, which were retrieved from between 200 – 1,400 meters
below the surface, weighed up to 30 kg (65 pounds),
while some 25 percent of the sealife chronicled was previous unknown.
Sea spiders the size of dinner plates,
I AM NOT going swimming
in the Antarctic Ocean now,
thanks for ruining it for me!

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