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Black Eyed Pea getting a makeover

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A team of University of Virginia researchers is working
to increase the drought and disease-resistance of the black-eyed pea,
a staple of the diets of roughly 200 million people in west and central Africa,
the AP is reporting Feb. 18th.
The University of Virginia scientists are working with African growers
to produce a tougher version of the black eyed pea,
also known as the cowpea.
About 80 percent of the 3 million tons of black eyed peas
produced worldwide each year originate in west and central Africa.
“It’s good to be able to do research that is not only answering
an interesting scientific question:
 ‘What makes plants resistant to parasites or drought?’
But it’s also helping to secure a food source.”
Xianfeng “Jeff” Chen, a U.Va. professor of microbiology
was quoted as saying.
All I know is, black eyes peas are Ferglicious!

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